Capstone Proof of Tech

This is my Proof of Tech, It was a test to see how my Capstone would go, and it really helped me figure out the direction I wanted to take the project in. It would also be a test of editing, to see how I could do with adding VFX and motion tracking.

This is the original idea for the shot. The Hero would be in an idle stance. It was ultimately too boring and there wasn’t much I could do with it.

This is the initial thumbnail that really helped me figure out where I was going to take it.

The idea was to have the Hero extend his arm and perform some sort of fireball spell. This way, the VFX help sell the animation, and the animation is the trigger for the VFX, allowing them to blend together very naturally.

Here is the animation pass.

This was the background I added to the scene.

Here’s a WIP Version of the shot.

… And Again, the final version of the shot.



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